August 21-25, 2017

Check out some of the great moments from this camp. 



"After camp, we have often referred back to riding a horse all by herself and how she was scared at first but she tried it anyway and really liked it.  This has helped her to try other new things she might have otherwise been too scared to attempt."

-Mother of a camper


"I shared with family and friends how special it was for the older boys to be able to be themselves, go swimming and not worry about scars.  WOW!  Elizabeth, our counselor, was also amazing!"

-Mother of a camper


"I have seen my daughter's confidence grow in so, so many ways!  She is in first grade now and she has been able to transfer that confidence into trying new things.  My family cannot thank you enough!"

-Mother of a camper

"When I'm 18, I would like to come to Camp RED as a volunteer counselor."

-Male camper


"My favorite memory about Camp Red was the way we started each day, gathered in a circle around the flags and finishing with awakening the lake with our daily greeting. In addition, I never once heard anyone utter the words “I’m bored” despite the fact that there was no TV or technology."

-Grandmother of a camper


"Camp Red touched my heart as a parent to see the kids that were in burn accidents be able to freely be themselves around other kids like them...and [the] team did an excellent job last year & we really enjoyed our time at camp!

-Mother of camper


“After asking a camper what he thought the very best thing about Camp RED was....he touched my heart by simply responding, “Being here”.

-Volunteer Counselor and burn nurse


"I loved how our group bonded and was able to support each other! They really became a team."

-Volunteer counselor


"I made so many new friends that helped me heal inside. We all have a story and each one of is special in our own way. Camp Red helped us not be afraid to be a kid.



Photos From Camp RED 2017