What is Camp RED

Camp RED, which stands for Realize Every Dream, is one of the first children’s burn camps in Minnesota. Whether your camper was burned recently or years ago, you are all progressing through recovery with developmental changes and challenges. Camp RED gives burn survivors (ages 6-16) the opportunity to live beyond their scars and to be kids again. Our hope is that your time at Camp RED will help you Realize Every Dream for a better tomorrow! You and your camper will be surrounded by other families who have shared experiences, and similar injuries, feelings, fears and concerns. Our caring volunteers want to support you, celebrate each camper, and encourage their emotional healing with a variety of outdoor activities in the most beautiful setting. Campers will create new friendships and memories to last a lifetime!


Meet Our Leaders 

Together with other volunteers, our leadership staff form the Camp RED team serving with love, compassion, high energy, and loads of knowledge.  They put their hearts into making camp the best experience for every camper and his/her family.


Meet Our Founder,
Jake LaFerriere

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Dr. Jon Gayken, MD

Medical Director
Dr. Gayken’s interest in burn surgery began when he was a patient in HCMC burn unit nearly 20 years ago.  His recovery from extensive skin grafting has given him a deep passion and knowledge of both the acute and long - term psychological outcomes affecting burn patients, and their families and their reintroduction into their new life and into society.


Brooke Byrd 

Executive Director
Ms. Byrd, aka Chief Smile Officer, was raised in Marietta, Georgia and joined the Camp RED family in April 2017. She holds an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and proudly served the children of Douglasville, Georgia for 14 years as a first and second grade teacher. Since 2004, Ms. Byrd has volunteered at Camp Knutson and feels blessed to spend her summers in a place where kids can Realize Every Dream.

  Angie  Lead Nurse

Lead Nurse

  Chris  Vice Chair

Vice Chair


Donate Today

We  humbly ask for your heartfelt support to send a child to camp today for a better tomorrow. Click here to donate today, or send a check direct to:
PO BOX 374 Champlin, Mn 55316.

If you have questions, email us at: info@campRED.org



If you would like to volunteer as a camp counselor or nurse, contact us at: info@campred.org to apply. We are looking for caring, dependable people (over the age of 20) to bring the fun, supervise campers, and be silly.  

Interview, background check, and August 19th training is required.