Stop! Drop! Roll!

STOP: Our generous friends at Polaris & Indian Motorcycle
donated one of the 177 2018 Jack Daniel’s®
Limited Edition Indian® Scout® Bobbers

for us to auction off
at the 4th annual Red Tie Gala
on Sat, Oct 13, 2018
(you do not need to be present to bid/win)

DROP: a Bid on this rare ride here.

If you CANNOT attend the gala BUT
wish to bid on this item, please email
so she can provide options for those
who physically will not be present.

You might be the LUCKY ONE to roll it away! 

Born out of a legendary partnership between America's first Motorcycle Company® and America’s first registered distillery, these Limited Edition Jack Daniel’s® Motorcycles represent a shared commitmentto quality, originality, and craftsmanship. To learn more about the Limited Edition Jack Daniels Fire Brigade Indian Scout Bobber, click HERE.

See how this bike celebrates the heart and soul of the Jack Daniel’s® Fire Brigade and honors the shared passion that these iconic brands and first responders everywhere have for their crafts. 

Interested in bidding? Register here.