The Christmas Blessing (2014)

Unwrapping a gift is so exciting for a child! A child recently effected by burns who gets to mentally escape from their current condition to open a gift has a whole new sense of gratitude. Life after a burn is physically painful, emotionally exhausting and mentally demanding for the burn survivor and their caregivers. Some of our patients on this visit were foster children, so our gifting adds a layer of compassion to these little hearts. We are only able to gift generously because we have been surrounded and supported by generous individual and corporate donors and sponsors. Thank you!

As the word spreads far and wide, we hope to be able to provide safety education and fire prevention in the future. A fire does not discriminate. It can start in the city or the suburbs, in a small apartment or a large home. Burns can occur because of scalding water or contact with anything hot. We each have a role to play in helping to prevent burns AND to care for burn survivors. 

When we come together to do GOOD, good things happen. Merry Christmas!