Partner Spotlight

People come in and out of our lives but some will forever change
how we think, feel, respond, act and care. Alison is one of those people!

For the last few years, Alison has been the liaison between the Hennepin County Medical Center Burn Unit and Firefighters for Healing (FFFH). She had the opportunity to be on the inside, working directly with patients and was able to identify patient needs and communicate those needs to FFFH.  FFFH is growing every year as a foundation and is able to help more and more patients.  Working with FFFH has made working on the Burn Unit much more rewarding. Whether it is finding kids who are candidates for burn camp, making the holidays a little brighter by surprising patients with a holiday gift or treat...FFFH helps assure patients that they are not alone.  

What FFFH has to offer our hospital and patients is invaluable and it is a resource we are so lucky to have. Alison would encourage people to volunteer to see firsthand how FFFH can affect the lives of patients and their immediate family.  With the support of FFFH our occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, child life specialist and doctors can help a child smile each and every day. The surprise and happiness on their little faces or the relief seen in a parent's eyes is priceless. When someone feels this level of care, we hope that induces a quicker recovery both physically and emotionally. It is an exciting time to join FFFH as a volunteer because they have already established themselves so well in our community and the future is only going to be bigger and brighter as we find more ways to help our patients and their families.

Thank you Alison for your partnership!
We wish you luck on your next adventure!!

We are confident that we can find a new liaison who can help with communication to and from the burn unit. If you work for HCMC & are interested, email us.