Volunteer Spotlight

Jazmine is an outstanding volunteer. It all began two years ago when she transferred into St Thomas from Normandale College. New classes, new campus and endless opportunities. One compulsory class to obtain her Marketing degree was Business 200 that required her to write 3 learning objectives: expanding her professional network, becoming more fluent in business communications and becoming more proficient at keeping a calendar to meet deadlines. Jazmine met each of her goals over the last 8 weeks helping FFFH prepare for the Polo Classic event. She contributed to the success of the day on many levels. 

She loves FFFH because we are a small board with a big heart for the children and families we serve. She wants our teens and community to know: Clouds clear, scars heal, but love and a kind heart are forever. Be kind to one another and you will be blessed in return with kindness.  

If you would like to volunteer with us, please email paula@firefightersforhealing.org