One Life. Many Choices. Our Super Hero.

Jake’s injuries in 2010 brought him to his knees. His lifelong dream to have a career as a firefighter was compromised. He had to sort out emotions and make choices one day at a time. When he realized he could make a difference in the lives of other patients going through the same painful burn trauma and transitions, he donned a humble Super Hero uniform of a sweat shirt and ball cap. He surrounded himself with people who gave him the support he needed and let his faith and heart guide his every step.

heart graydon.jpg

Earlier this week, Graydon shared with us the art work you see here. Graydon is a 5th grader from out of state who heard about Jake and Firefighters for Healing. Amazing how good news travels and good deeds inspire others to also do good.

Today on Jake’s birthday, we salute him and all he has accomplished. Think ahead to 2018 and how YOU can make a difference in the lives of those around you.

Be like Jake, make good choices and dream BIG!

Graydon note.jpg