A Better Tomorrow for Young Burn Survivors

Nothing demonstrated the success of Camp RED more than the campers’ first activity at the waterfront. The campers were at the water’s edge, wearing long sleeves and pants, or intentionally positioned towels, all covering scars. Jovial Dr. Jon Gayken, their HCMC burn surgeon, joined them. There he was standing on the beach in swim trunks, 40 percent of his own body scarred by skin grafts. He teased, the kids protested, and then the campers, one-by-one, stripped to their swimwear and pranced into the water. Finally, scars were of no concern as the kids could enjoy just being kids. Whether your camper was burned years ago or recently, you are all progressing through recovery and developmental changes and challenges.

Camp RED is for burn survivors between 6 – 15 years of age who want to have the opportunity to live beyond the scars. Our volunteers want to support them, celebrate each camper and encourage their emotional healing. Camp RED offers a variety of active and passive activities in the most beautiful setting, including canoeing, archery, trust, swimming, boating, horseback riding and more. Camp RED hosted on the beautiful Camp Knutson property is the perfect setting to empower young people to discover their gifts and strengthen their sense of self. The program is sequenced to help campers realize they are not alone in their challenges and that they can embrace the joy of life despite their burn injuries. We strive to create unique and wonderful opportunities for children to heal, grow and build resiliency. 

If you have further questions and would like more details on how to register or volunteer, please email info@campRED.org.