The Reason for the Season

Last Thursday we returned to HCMC Burn Center for the annual Christmas Blessing.  At the beginning of the week we identify the patients in need, gather their “wish lists” and schedule elves to shop for each patient and their family. When you see what simple things people “want” you immediately understand there is a reason for the season. Other shoppers at Target that night stopped and talked to us because they heard the chatter, laughter and cheers. We were on a mission to select just the right items for these very special patients. Mission accomplished! The kind Target associate who rang up our sale was ever so patient with us.

On day two, we wrap. As each bag of gifts was carefully prepared with wrapping and ribbon or bags and labels, there were some of us praying for each individual, their next few days and their future to be brighter. In wrapping the simple gifts we were to present, again we were reminded of the reason for the season.

On day three, four fire trucks were needed to deliver all of the presents, some VIPs and food for the staff on the Burn Unit. Let’s just say we caused quite a scene. Again the chatter, laughter and cheering drew attention from people on the street going about their regular day. It was NOT a regular day for us, this is the day we work for… the day we gift unsuspecting patients in need.


This photo was taken and caused goosebumps because we “see” our angel  Welles Crowther represented here. He said to those he rescued in the Twin Towers: If you can hear me and stand, follow my voice and follow me.

We may have started this foundation Firefighters for Healing but we humbly ask everyone that if you can hear us and stand, are able, have the heart to volunteer... stand now, raise your hand, step forward. If you can hear our voice in the chaos of this loud and busy world, follow us and serve those in need. Volunteer alongside us. We invite you to witness the reason for the season: to love one another.