We Wanted S’more

As we prepare for our week at Camp RED, emotions run high. In the Twin Cities, we have been very successful to meet the needs of patients, but we wanted do more. Jake had always dreamed of the day we had the resources to provide a residential camp experience for patients and their families to travel north, get outdoors, come together, relax and unwind AND be encouraged and inspired. Through the generosity of many donors and volunteers, Camp RED is now a reality. Firefighters for Healing is so thankful for the progress, BUT we also realize the weight of providing this special program and growing it to be ALL that it can be. The foundation of our mission has always been to provide support to the burn survivor and their extended family and network of caregivers. Our hope is that anyone who attends Camp RED whether it be the camper, sibling or parent will feel support and encouragement to Realize Every Dream for a better tomorrow! We strive to surround families with healthcare professionals, child life specialists, family therapists and other families who have shared experiences, similar injuries, feelings, fears and concerns. Our volunteers want to support survivors, celebrate each camper and encourage their emotional healing. When the sun rises on that first day of camp, as we raise the flag for the first ceremony ~ our hope is everyone will know they are loved, they have a bright future and they can choose their next step toward a better tomorrow.