Love one another.

A single candle can defy
and define the darkness.
A candle consumes itself
to light the way for others.

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The Firefighters for Healing Board is reminded often that our work is impacting real families in need and making a difference by showing love. During our Christmas Blessing at Hennepin Healthcare this year, we had the pleasure of reconnecting with a family who had been a recipient four years earlier. As soon as we saw Joyce, we remembered our time with her in the doorway to her husband’s room … where Jake had just handed her gifts, explained who we were and Esera had started to softly serenade with a gentle holiday ballad. Joyce’s husband was very badly burned right before the holidays that year and would be in the hospital for quite some time. In the brief one hour window when we visited that day though, she remembers feeling overwhelmed with a peace and our love.

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This year Joyce’s adult children discussed the idea of NOT exchanging gifts with each other so that money could be donated to Firefighters for Healing. Hold the phone?!?! Read that again! Their random act of kindness reminds us that there are AMAZING PEOPLE in this world who understand that giving at this time has such a special meaning.

Firefighters for Healing would like to thank Joyce and her family for sharing the love. This $500 will be used to help a child who has survived burn trauma, their family who needs support after such a traumatic event or a firefighter who needs our attention. We are in this together.

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We are always looking for volunteers and new donors from Minnesota businesses, fire departments, unions, high schools, colleges and communities.

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To donate, click here. At this time of year, we come to the rescue and support many families who are seeing the darkest of days. If you are inclined to pay it forward, consider a donation of any amount. Give once or once a month or once a quarter. Thank you.