Welles Inspires Us

From the book Man in the Red Bandana by Tom Rinaldi: They came to the towers that morning with their birthmarks and degrees, allegiances and scars, student loans and night cravings. They came with their loves cherished and lost, fights joined and surrendered, bills paid and put off. They came from different paths, took different chances, practiced different faiths, savored different meals. They came with deals made, lines drawn, orders given, cheers shouted, ideas grapsed, fears hidden, reports filed, children birthed, time served, hopes lost, dreams fulfilled. Breaths taken. Breath held. 

There were 14, 154 people in the World Trade Center that morning. The towers totaled 220 floors of Manhattan real estate.

They arrived from every direction, not knowing that the sun would set on a different skyline.

Welles was one of those employees. His life. His choices. His legacy. His inspiration. How can YOU be present this week with those you work with, live with, love, serve, care for?