Buz’n Breaking Now Concert Series Interview #3: Jordan Davis

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In a world where there is so much negativity and heartache, we often try and look for anything and everything to fill the void and bring us happiness. One way to find happiness is to to attend a fun, energetic and lively country concert. 

Buz’n 102.9 brings the artists up close and personal. They have graciously embraced Firefighters for Healing as one of their community partners and help us tell more and more people just what we do and how we have a mission to bring strength, love and support to burn and trauma survivors.

At this third and final Buz’n Breaking Now show at the Pourhouse in Minneapolis, concert goers were entertained by three hot-ticket artists: Jordan Davis, Smithfield and Travis Denning.

Each artist performed a variety of music and their hits. Some are #1 hits, some soaring hits and some covers. Regardless these incredibly talents artists engaged with the main floor all the way up to the people packed on the balcony. Each artist told us they really appreciated to be doing what they love most, performing and singing for the fans.

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We had the opportunity to sit down with Jordan Davis who, by the way, is hilarious and “Going ‘Round”. We chatted with Jordan about his #1 hit, “Singles You Up” and what he loves most about country music.

Jordan said, “I moved to town to be a song-writer. I love playing shows. There’s nothing better than hearing people sing songs back to you. To be able to start with an idea, and remember where I was when I got that lyric or idea, when I put the thoughts or string of words into my phone and then to see the process from writing it, to playing it in studio, to putting it on a record, to playing it live for people and then hearing people sing the lyrics back to you...that’s what being an artist is all about.”

Jordan could never have predicted that a joke between friends would end up as the #1 hit Singles You Up. He told us, “One of the co-writers of that song had just gotten engaged. His now wife, was his fiancé at the time, and a publisher in Nashville. She is an incredible girl with the biggest heart and I once told her that her fiancé was smart not to single her up. I had never heard that phrase before, never said it before and we both just looked at each other and started tossing lyrics around… single her up… singles you up... and Stephen Dell Jones told us to write. I said that’s either going to be really cool or really dumb… sure enough… it is a #1 hit.”

Not expecting a #1, Jordan remembers where he was at the time it hit #1 and his overall emotions. “I was pretty shocked. It caught me by surprise. It just goes back to a lot of years of work leading up to getting a record deal. A lot of work writing songs and trying to get them played on the radio.”

With the momentum from his #1 hit, Davis isn’t slowing down anytime soon. He is already touring with Jake Owen and Chris Jansen and heading back to the studio to keep writing and continue work on his second album. Find out more at www.jordandavisofficial.com

“Take It From Me” the Buz’n Breaking Now finale couldn’t have been better. The Buz’n crew brought the Firefighters for Healing team up on stage to show the concert-goers who we are, shared a little of Jake’s story and told them how we help burn survivors. Buz’n donated a beautiful Jack Daniel’s fire hydrant and signed guitar from the season’s artists that will find a prominent place in the Firefighters for Healing Transitional Care Facility when it is built. To say that Firefighters for Healing is grateful to Buz’n for the partnership throughout the three Buz’n Breaking Now Concert Series would be an understatement. We appreciate their time, their creativity and their genuine support for the burn community and firefighters.