Firefighters for Healing
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"Vision 2020"

Transitional Care Center

Over the past several years our foundation has struggled in trying to provide accommodations for burn survivors and their families.  Many times when someone is burned anywhere around the state and even out of state they are flown to the level one trauma centers located here in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  

When a tragedy strikes families often jump in the car, ambulance or helicopter without any thought about what to bring, where they will stay or how long they will be there.  Unfortunately in many cases they soon find out they will be here for weeks if not months and even more often they will need to continuously return to the cities for ongoing treatment and care.  


The Firefighters for Healing Transitional Care Facility will answer that need in 3 ways:

  • FAMILIES: Provide accommodations for the relatives of survivors so they have a comfortable place to stay when staying with/visiting loved ones

  • SURVIVORS: This transitional care facility will allow survivors time to adjust into their new normal level of activity and mobility before heading home

  • FIREFIGHTERS: Provide accommodations for any Firefighter from anywhere in the state of Minnesota who is receiving care in the Twin Cities for any reason.  

As you can imagine, if we're going to make this building a reality it's going to be in large part because of the support from each of you.  We need help from builders, developers, firefighters, unions, area businesses, state and local authorities and individuals.  If you want to be involved in this effort in some way, please reach out to us at and let us know how you might be able to help.  We can't wait to hear from you!


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