Firefighters for Healing

We show up with compassion, flexibility
and the ability to take action.

We give families support and service they
cannot receive from other sources.

We give special aid to Firefighters
whenever we have the opportunity to do so.

Please take 2 minutes to watch this video as our founder Jake Laferriere
explains how Firefighters for Healing started and the vision for the future.   

Mission & Vision: Firefighters for Healing brings love, support, compassion and hope to the burn-injured child and their families. Our board members and volunteers come together in the spirit of Service, Sacrifice and Humility. We have a compassion for the courage of each child who undergoes painful surgeries and families working through rehabilitation that frequently requires repeated procedures and visits. Firefighters for Healing will journey with the child and their family for as long as a need is there. We are there to provide emotional care and support for families to help them through the stages of grief and healing, help them prepare for the changes and challenges when their child is released from the hospital, help them live beyond their guilt, anxiety or scars. Firefighters for Healing supports firefighters in the state of Minnesota. We honor the men and women who daily show bravery and courage. We aim to partner with stations and crews, associations and unions to build a transitional care center for burn survivors and firefighters in the Twin Cities for medical attention.


We have wonderful partners at Hennepin Healthcare Burn Unit who are a combination of nurses, surgeons, occupational therapists, physical therapists, child life specialists and doctors. We work together to supply materials and equipment to alleviate stress for the child during dressing changes or before a surgery. 

 Retired Firefighter and founder of Firefighters for Healing, Jake LaFerriere, with a young burn survivor.

Retired Firefighter and founder of Firefighters for Healing, Jake LaFerriere, with a young burn survivor.

A video of Jake when he received The Red Bandanna American Hero Award from Discovery's American Hero Channel.



Firefighters for Healing is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by a Minneapolis fireman who tragically experienced firsthand what burn survivors endure. Our goal is to support burn survivors and their families in ways insurance companies and caretakers are unable to. With donor and community help, we are able to replace some of the essential living items when all has been lost in a fire, contribute financial assistance for corrective surgeries, support summer camp attendance for burn injured youth, donate to local hospital burn units and provide other resources and information as needed.

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